Welcome to the cleverhans blog

This is a blog by Ian Goodfellow and Nicolas Papernot about security and privacy in machine learning.

  • If you came here looking for the open-source cleverhans library for benchmarking the vulnerability of machine learning models to adversarial examples, here is its GitHub repository.

  • If you were looking for the technical report associated with the cleverhans library, it is available here and the BibTex entry for it is:

  title={cleverhans v1.0.0: an adversarial machine learning library},
  author={Papernot, Nicolas and Goodfellow, Ian and Sheatsley, Ryan and Feinman, Reuben and McDaniel, Patrick},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1610.00768},

Here is a list of all entries in our blog.

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